Engagement & Consultation

Where are we now?
Since March 2018, we have been presenting our ‘Draft HRW Masterplan’ to local people, listening to your wants and needs. A masterplan is a proposal for what a development could include and where things could go. You’ve also been giving your feedback on what improvements you would like to see happen now in the area.

We’ve started programmes and initiatives to bring improvements and opportunities to the area including creating a £1m Community Impact Fund. The Community Impact Fund is a £1 million fund that has been created to benefit those living in and around the HRW redevelopment scheme. £100k per year for the next ten years will be allocated to community projects and initiatives through a dedicated Community Impact Group.

More activities will take place in 2019 if Love Lane residents decide the estate should be redeveloped and the HRW scheme goes ahead.

Finalising the HRW masterplan
An important consultation process – a ballot – specific to the Love Lane Estate must now take place. If Love Lane residents choose to go ahead with the redevelopment of their estate, the HRW project will advance and we will then work with the local community to shape the Final HRW Masterplan. Local ideas and knowledge will be crucial to helping us create a place we can all be proud of.

To find out more about the ballot, please visit www.tottenham.london/explore/high-road-west/hrw-ballot

Learn more about the latest proposals for HRW
You can now visit us at The Grange to view the proposals for HRW, more information about the masterplan can be found here.