About the Project

The story so far
For three years, the local community worked with Haringey Council to create a vision and set out shared ambitions for High Road West (HRW). The result of this collaboration was the 2014 HRW Masterplan Framework.

For further information on previous consultation activities and findings, visit Haringey Council’s dedicated HRW consultation webpage – www.tottenham.london/HRWconsultation

Following a fair and open procurement process, Lendlease was selected as the preferred development partner for the HRW scheme in 2017.

The community have been clear all along that they want better-quality housing and more housing choices, new community facilities, an improved High Road and better quality open spaces. These principles from the High Road West Masterplan Framework are at the heart of what the HRW scheme could create for the local area.

Building on these principles, we (Haringey Council and Lendlease) have been working together with the local community since early 2018 to gather initial thoughts on a ‘Draft HRW Masterplan’.

Where is High Road West (HRW)?
We are proposing to redevelop the area located between White Hart Lane Station and the High Road. The HRW area stretches from Brook House Primary school to the north and Brereton Road to the south.

What will high road west deliver?
HRW has the potential to deliver around 2,500* new homes, including new council-owned social rented homes, 500* new jobs and 3,500* construction jobs, a new public park, public square, a library and learning centre, new shops and spaces for leisure activities. *All figures are indicative and subject to the planning process.

In addition, there will be substantial investments in the local community to maximise the socio-economic bene ts of the development. These include a recently launched £1 million Community Impact Fund.

Who is affected by the development?
For these improvements to be delivered, Love Lane Estate residents and some businesses along the High Road and White Hart Lane would have to be relocated. HRW will provide replacement homes as part of the development for Love Lane residents. We will also be working closely with all local businesses to offer support and guidance. For businesses wishing to stay in the HRW area, we will be making every effort to assist in the relocation process.

About the HRW Engagement Team
The HRW Engagement Team is dedicated to ensuring a positive, open and meaningful dialogue with the local community alongside the Council’s engagement team.

The Team is made up of members from Lendlease and Soundings. Soundings are independent community engagement specialists with over 20 years of experience. Soundings will be facilitating and recording the masterplan consultation.